21 July 2011

Vanilla Creme Brulee Cheesecake and an eyelash story

Oooh I nearly forgot to post the promised Cheesecake recipe!  I did take a photo of the last piece, but I left the photo at work, so will have to update the post tomorrow.

Update:  Here's the piccy!

I found this recipe on the inside of a packet of Philadelphia cheese in NZ... and even though I don't usually like baked cheesecakes, this one is to die for!  I'll give you the actual recipe first, and then my notes on it as I very rarely follow a recipe exactly nowadays.

Vanilla Creme Brulee Cheesecake
Serves 10-12
Preparation Time: about 20 minutes
Cooking Time: 1 hour, 15 minutes

1 1/4 cups Gingernut biscuits
60g butter melted
750g Cream cheese (softened at room temp)
1 cup sugar
3 eggs lightly beaten
1 1/2 tablespoons custard powder
1 vanilla bean
1 cup cream
1 410g can pear halves, well drained and sliced
1/3 cup brown sugar

1. Combine the biscuit crumbs and melted butter and press into the base of a greased and lined 24cm spring form pan. Chill.
2. Beat cream cheese and sugar until smooth, add the eggs and custard powder, mix until combined.  Split the vanilla bean lengthwise and scrape the seeds out into the cream, gently fold through the mixture.  Pour into the prepared base.
3. Bake in a slow oven 150 degrees C for 1 1/4 hours.  Allow to cool in the oven. Arrange the pear slices over the cheesecake and sprinkle with brown sugar.  Cook under a hot grill until sugar is melted and golden.  Chill before serving.

My notes:
1. You don't need to measure out the biscuit crumbs... just use one whole packet.
2. You don't need to chill the base before adding the topping.
3. I prefer to use salted butter in most of my baking.
4. You don't need to lightly beat the eggs first as you are going to beat them into the mixture anyway.
5. You don't need to fold the cream in as it is not whipped or anything.  Just beat it in as with the eggs.
6. I left the cheesecake in the oven overnight to cool and then put it into the fridge in the morning and didn't make the brulee topping until just before serving.
7.  I left out the pears and instead added fresh raspberries and blackcurrents to the top after bruleeing.
8.  I used a blow torch (rather than the oven) to caramelise the sugar but it didn't work with brown sugar, instead I used caster sugar.
9.  It still tasted really good the next day!

I hope you get a chance to try this recipe... it really is very good!  

And now, that eyelash story... 
When I was back home on holiday I visited my beautician to pick up some face cream that I always buy from her and she convinced me to buy this eyelash lengthening stuff (yeah, she twisted my shopaholic arm).  I was a bit sceptical, but she assured me that this stuff is so great it kept her business afloat during the recession.  So I started using it and you wouldn't believe it, but my eyelashes have actually grown about 5mm!!!  It's so weird!  My husband is blown away by it.  I got him to tint my eyelashes yesterday so I could see them properly.    

Anyway, that's it from me for today.  The guests have sprung a surprise 5 day trip on us starting tomorrow, so I probably won't be able to post much this weekend.  But we do have a new challenge starting at Little Miss Muffet stamps tomorrow, so check back for the details tomorrow!


Arabella Chickie in Lavrio, Greece

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Oh this looks so yummy! I think I will try to make for my hubby.

Thank you for posting my blog candy in your side bar. Good luck in the draw!