25 July 2011

Please don't forget Madeleine McCann... her parents need her home again.

Hi 'chickies'... I'm never exactly sure what it is about this missing child that moves me so terribly... thousands of children go 'missing' each year in our oh so civilized world...  perhaps this child is just the 'light' that calls the missing children to my mind so vividly.

It's every parents worst nightmare. 

Please remember to look into the eyes of every child you see.  Her hair is probably died, but her eyes are unmistakable.  Sooner or later, one of us will spot her.  This is my prayer.

April Blackbird


Arabella said...

I was just thinking about Madeleine yesterday! I hope that wherever she is, she is being treated well. I look for her wherever we go.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Arabella. I KNOW you have heard me ask so often...

When I watched this video this morning, I felt as though someone had hit me in the gut with a ramrod. Again. Those poor, poor people. I have heard her mother say that there are times when she's so upset she wishes she could pull her skin off.

Please God, let this little child be safe (and maybe even cherished) somewhere.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I watched it on TV last night and it was heartbreaking. You can't even begin to imagine what that family have been through, and so many others too. We were on honeymoon in Paris when Madeleine was taken, and I think of her often and as you say AB, you can only hope that wherever she is, she is at least being treated well. The alternative is unthinkable! NMC

Anonymous said...

This little girl will be spotted by someone, somewhere, one day. She is like the beacon of hope for all missing children because of her distinctive marking.

She was in my thoughts a great deal over the past week as I was convinced to have a sitter watch Noah for two nights while we had dinner whilst on the island of Siquijor in the Philippines. Inherently, people are good and kind and we can trust them. The beautiful, gentle woman who watched over Noah on those two nights came to me with the most thorough description of every move and breath since I had left her with him.

I think of Madeline in airports, and on trains and wherever there is the potential for a little person to wander away or be nabbed. I have bought a politically incorrect harness for Noah, which he loves and I love because it keeps us both safe from the kind of heartbreak that the McCanns have experienced and continue to.

Sending love and strength to little Madeline wherever she may be.

BB in Manila, Philippines,