22 February 2012

13,500 words and counting

Slowly, slowly.

A couple of not so productive, but still wonderful weeks, with some lovely friends coming for coffee (now that they expect me to be sitting in my little spot at Cake and pop in for a chat...) but I could hardly complain.  Such lovely company.

I gave myself a stern talking to on Tuesday and took myself off to enjoy a delicious slice of syrupy orange cake and the most warming, steamy latte and the words started to flow again.  A  meagre 2000 words to get back into the swing of things but I felt the smile creep across my face as I wandered back home.

  I worked out that i could brainstorm my characters on the walk in the chilly Voula morning air, which made it so much easier to get started right away and have some idea of where they were headed.

One of the main chaps has been given the axe as he was dreadfully dull and I just couldn't get inspired to write anything about him...

So on it continues!

Bookie bird in Voula, Greece


Arabella said...

Yay you! I'm so glad to hear that the words are still flowing! I love that you've gotten rid of a dull character too!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bookie Bird.
I think it is amazing you are writing a novel! How very glamorous! The coffee shop sounds lovely ... at least if the words dont flow you are in the perfect spot to have some 'you' time and a good coffee too! Look foward to meeting you in person when we head over your end of the world in May. NMC

ChickieChirps said...

Thank you! It is really rewarding. And as you say, great coffee is always a lovely thing.
I so look forward to meeting you all and for our little chicks to meet and play together.
BB xx