05 February 2011

Our youngest grandie turns 1 today!

Technically, this post should have been titled 'Attitude of Gratitude'... because we are so very grateful to be able to celebrate this day with NMC and her family.

NMC has been busy baking up a storm and I'll post some photos for you next week.  She used to have a collection of beautifully delicate fabric butterflies that adorned most of the birthday cakes she made for us as she got older (we always get a home made cake), but they became quite old and discoloured over the years so they got dumped.  

Guess what's going to be decorating chickadee's cake today?  No prizes!!!  Butterflies (and a few dragonflies)!  We eventually found some more. NMC found some really delicate and rather beautiful ones in Tasmania last weekend and I found a few in the $2 shop down the road. 

NMC was two months old when a huge and very beautiful butterfly flew down and sat on her face for so long that we all had a chance to wonder at it... 

We all love butterflies and I once made NMC Roman blinds for her bedroom with beautiful lace butterflies appliqued all over them (I cut out the fabric behind them so the light could shine through).  

Okay, so time to go.  It's going to get to 36degs today (at least) and I'm sitting here with the fan blowing a gale.  The best we can hope for is an early southerly wind... thank goodness NMC has brilliant airconditioning.  This house is shortly going to be as hot as an oven (again).

April Blackbird


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ChickieChirps said...

The butterfly must have thought she was a special gift and wanted to tell her that!
You have a lovely day.