11 February 2011

Loving boat living.


I'm on a wee holiday to the land of the Turkish delight, falafel and brilliant sunshine.   SO lucky and happy to have a chance to come aboard for a trip aboard this fantastic boat to Turkey.  Phew.  She's fast.  And, the first one of her kind on which I've travelled, where an insidious grey tank odour hasn't found its way into the cabins and other below decks areas.  She smells like a lovely apartment!  No doubt a lot to do with the cleanliness, newness and groovy design, but a brilliant surprise as my memories of ALL other boats have been of a certain smell which doesn't inspire a feeling of great health.

I must say I was more than a little apprehensive, given my hideous sea-sickness (car-sickness, air-sickness, toboggan-sickness....:)) for most of my life - and the last trips I had taken were either during breastfeeding or pregnancy, so I wasn't able to take any great meds to prevent it.  My life of yachting had previously been seriously dependent upon Stugeron, Mercalm, Paihia Bombs... you name it, I tried it.  Ginger, sea-bands, swaying with the motion, looking at the horizon and hypnotherapy.    It had become such an anticipated weight on my mind that I'm sure I talked myself into it, the majority of the time.  But the Paihia Bombs are now back in the medicine cabinet and worked a charm.

Fabulous trip- a whiz past the islands and into port, and even the chance to give a hand with radio comms on stern docking - looking quite incongruous with a small boy attached to my front in the Baby Bjorn and loving the wind in his hair and the sun on his face.  Dropping biscuits and carrot pieces over the deck as he merrily swatted at the radio.

He sleeps like a dream on board!!  Unbelievable. 

And there I hear his dulcet tones, so signing off from the saloon of this beautiful boat - about to go exploring Turkish supermarkets with lovely Arabella.

Bookie Bird. 

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