15 February 2011

Did I get what I paid for?

Recently, I bought two 1/2 price 'friend of the Taronga Zoo' tickets for my man and myself.  The tickets (which allow unlimited entry to the zoo for a year) cost us just a few dollars more than single entry tickets.  That's an incredible deal.  I bought them off and we're tickled with our purchase.

So, when I saw advertising an incredible carpet cleaning offer I decided to purchase a voucher.  Said voucher included:
  • super deluxe carpet cleaning of up to 5 rooms (open plan lounge / dining room = 2 rooms = fair, I think) - furniture moving included
  • pre inspection, pre vacuum and pre spray
  • heavy stain treatment
  • deodourising and sanitising
  • allergen odour or pet odour removal
  • deep steam cleaning
  • scotch guard and fast dry
Normally, $238 - special $89!

Now, how does that old saying go again?  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Alarm bells first rang when I chatted to the booking person - one hour allowed to clean five rooms? Really?  By the middle of last night 'my man' and I had decided we wouldn't allow them to do upstairs unless they really did a wonderful job of the lounge/dining room.

They arrived.  Late.  But... they did arrive. Two men. No van mounted steam cleaner, just a tiny, dilapidated, old steam cleaner - something like you'd rent from the local supermarket.  No vacuum cleaner.  No pre spray, no heavy stain treatment (that's extra!)

I'd already moved every piece of light furniture out of the rooms and suggested they pick up the couches and move them into the hallway.  Not necessary... they shift them around the room and clean around them.  Okay....

So, aren't you supposed to be vacuuming and pre spraying?  "Oh no, this machine vacuums and sprays and steam cleans all at once".  OMGoodness!!!

"Did you actually scotch guard?"
"Oh yes, of course!"
"And that stain?"
"It doesn't come out!"

Oh well, at least those rooms are clean (for the time being) and we didn't have to spend hours steam cleaning them ourselves.

Did I get what I paid for?

Well, I suppose it's how you look at it...  I do know that I will be 'unsubscribing' to's specials.

April Blackbird


ChickieChirps said...

Oh dear... : (

Anonymous said...

Well, at least the carpets have actually dried... not like the time I got Myers to clean them for me... took an entire week for them to dry then.

So, I'm counting my blessings :)