01 February 2011

A realization of gratitude.

My friend Arabella and I have been slogging it out at the gym as many times as we can manage each week,  loving the chats and the challenge of having each other to spur on and nut out ways to improve our routine.

She has kindly agreed  to show me how to use the Eliptical machine tomorrow.  I find myself either prancing, going backwards or just stuck somewhere in between trying to alter either state and feeling rather obvious in my lack of coordination!

I dropped her off tonight after our visit, and was struck by a rush of gratitude.  That she's here, and I'm here, and we can lead this relatively normal life of friends in the little town of Lavrio, in the transient world of yachting.   That girl-friend time is so important and frankly, I don't know if Lavrio would have had quite the same shine as it does with her and her chico here.

Our little man does so enjoy his time with his 'Aunty' and 'Uncle' too.

I feel blessed!



Anonymous said...

Lovely stuff!!!

No greater gift than that of true friendship.


ChickieChirps said...

Lols BB! Tonight will be the night you master the evil elliptical machine! It's lovely to have you and your husband and wee boy here too!


Sammi said...

Wow... good on you both!! :D