24 February 2011

Happy little Anniversary card

I've been working on a couple of cards with great haste as I prepared for our departure to Manila, Dubai and Australia this week so I'm chatting to you from sunny Dubai, where it's HOT.  But so looking forward to exploring. 

We're off into the desert tonight to stay overnight with some friends and our littlest man has survived his first flight of 5 hours and getting to bed at 1.30am with minimal naps. Not sure he's learned how to be an aeroplane sleeper just yet, but we've got some training opps coming up!

I made this card for my folks in law for their anniversary - it's a Mo Manning design called "bunches" .  Very complex to colour but I love the addition of the HOOOOGE felt flowers and the little girl's big smile.

Have lovely days.


1 comment:

ChickieChirps said...

She's so sweet! Love the felt flowers!