21 February 2011

Embracing adventures!

In just a little bit (Wednesday), Arabella will take us to the airport and we'll be jetting off to add another few countries to the passport of our wee boy.   Dubai for some desert driving, a few steamy days in Manila for some cousin face-time and where he'll meet Miloe the Jack Russell.  We have hesitated on all the ball toys we were considering packing....

Then off to Australia to see his big family (that leg is going to be an interesting one.... overnight from Manila to Australia with no bassinet seat....Hmm.  The sling will come into its own here!)  I always think the solo leg sounds like it may be challenging, but then I think of doing it when he's two in comparison and breathe a sigh of relief.  

SO excited about him seeing his Grandy family again - all are super excited, and we have our 96 year old Nan staying with us as her house was flooded recently, so it will be like a big European family unit which I've always thought would be beautifully special.  And she'll remember what it was like to be covered with big sloppy kisses, hit with stray kiwi fruit, and to be grinned at with such unconditional love.

Any thoughts on swimming lessons, any of you wise ones?  As in when they should begin?  We were thinking of taking him to one or two while we're there to start the process, as there isn't the option here.  

So that's me, for now.  Off on another adventure.  It truly feels as though we don't sit still!  2010 - Australia for the arrival of a young man, Palma de Mallorca for 4 months, a small Lavrio hotel for 6 weeks, then our lovely apartment for 6 weeks and seventeen trips to Ikea to get it furnished.  We had 7 weeks of gorgeous family visiting us here with a few trips here and there in Greece, a fairly quiet 5 weeks of adjusting back to solo play and relative 'normal', just in time to be ready to go again in a few days for another 7 weeks or so.  Phew.  I like to think I have learned to embrace change.... or at least I'm making a good study of it.

Happy Monday to you all!

Bookie -Bird


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! How exciting! I'm sure he'll be really good for you (this time around anyways :) ) - so enjoy your special family time.

I know one chickie that's going to miss you lot like crazy. Hugs, Arabella.

As for the swimming lesson saga.... it's fun for mum and bub doesn't usually object too much - some of them love it. Do they learn to swim any faster than the child who is taught to swim 'at home' by its parents? I'm thinking... not.

Sure, they might be happy being pushed under water by the instructor to 'swim' a short distance up to their parents, BUT!!! Could they swim to the side of the pool/dam/what have you if they fell in? Are they 'drown proofed'? Do they know how to turn onto their backs and 'stare at the stars' - ams and legs extended - floating like a little starfish until someone jumps in to get them? No, definitely not. (I know... I've been in the training pool with my little chickie - different now that she is four, she can swim now.)

My four all learnt to swim pretty early. None of them were ever scared of the water, although my youngest swam with one float in his PollyOtter until he was about 6 - when I took him and threw him into the pool without it to proof to him he could do without it - couldn't get him out of the water that day! Still can't!

They definitely didn't go for swimming lessons, but they did have plenty of exposure to a swimming pool (my folks had one and we spent a lot of time in it).

None of them turned out to be olympic swimmers. Don't think they would have anyways.

Does all of this help you? Nuh! 'Course not! If you think you'd have fun going to swimming lessons with him, do so. Else, just take him with you to the pool and play around with him in the water. Teach him to float like a star (with a life jacket on is a good start!). We did that so that if our kids fell of the yacht (they always wore life jackets) they'd be 'safe' until we could jump in to rescue them.

Best wishes for a safe journey.


Anonymous said...

Hi BB. You have had an amazing adventure/journey since your little man has come along! You (and he) must be very flexible by now! I know I find change hard to embrace ... and that's a lot of change. Still, you've done it superbly and what wonderful stories it will make when he is a little older. Have an amazing holiday, and I look forward to a post when you get back containing all your top tips for traveling with tots (we are taking Chickie to Europe in April and the thought is already making me nervous). On the swimming issue, well, we have decided to hold of on lessons for a while. Mainly because life seems too busy and we have a pool at home, so she is getting her early exposure that way. Still, no harm in taking little man for a few lessons, so long as he has fun, it should be all good. Every other mother at my mothers group takes their child for lessons, we are the only ones, and its drawn a few comments.
Happy and safe travels

ChickieChirps said...

Thank you you NMC and AB. FABULOUS advice, and words I agree with completely, have to say. We'll play it by ear then and just do lots of pool time with him and us and teaching him his 'floating' when he's comfortable with the water. Feet in it today, loving not being in Winter.
I think our chick will spend most of his time at the beach in Greece anyway, at which there is no hard edge to climb out over, or steps to negotiate.
Perhaps we'll check out the swimming pool and see what it's all about, but I'm with you NMC. Not with the Joneses.