30 June 2010

The rooftops of the world

This little chickie family is now happily ensconced in the new pad, now gazing out over the rooftops of Palma and dodging the hundreds of swallows who fly about catching a variety of goodies.  It is a beautiful spot, with lovely sea breezes and the Summer sun beating down.

Our wee chick is happy here with his new location in the foyer, and though this presents certain limitations in terms of food preparation, he seems content and the naps continue to get longer and more consistent, so I can't complain!

I have discovered that stairs at the base of the building cause me to hole up here in my rooftop haven and not want to go out : )

5 weeks until my Chico heads off on a great adventure to Africa and across the Mediterranean.  I am not sure how I'll go with my first real solo effort but chickie and I have a positive outlook and we're big chums, so think we'll be fine.  It is strange to think that in only 8 weeks or so, we'll be looking out on Greek seas instead of Balearic Island waters.

Everyone has been so nice.  Thank you.  It means so much to see such lovely supportive comments.  Arabella is a beautiful on-site supporter of all things to do with us and our relocation, and we've been indulging our creative brain-storming like nothing else.  So much to do when we get to Greece!

I've started some work on a remote basis for a company dedicated to getting people to perform Random Acts of Kindness.  It's a great concept created by a young Irish guy, and they are a clothing company selling tees and underwear with the aim of getting people performing one act per wear.  I'm doing some P.A. stuff for the founder, and it is proving fabulous.  Getting my brain back in gear!  Plus, I love the movement.  If only we were all kinder - what a beautiful place the world would continue to grow into!

Have lovely days!

Bookie- bird.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely to hear you're keeping busy and 'doing good' at the same time. It's good for the soul.

Oh... lots of stairs are good exercise :) you don't have to go to gym if you live up a stairwell.