09 June 2010

An update on Chickadee

Chickadee will be 18 weeks old this Friday - how time has flown! She seems to be growing before my very eyes. She is certainly very long (she takes after her daddy) but lean (although she has definitely chubbed up to cute proportions in the past fortnight). On Saturday we took her with us to a midday wedding. Being the social creature that she is, she barely slept the entire day, preferring instead to keep a quiet eye on all the action. Despite being excruciatingly tired, she remained in a happy but slightly sedate state for most of the day. She did however choose the solemn part of the ceremony to pass a rather loud, long wind, causing hysterics through the crowd. Mmm ....  Anyway, I don't know exactly what happened on Saturday, but ever since (touch wood) she has been sleeping beautifully. Lovely long naps during the day and right through the night at present. Long may this continue!   Perhaps it is due in part to the fact that we have also started her on solids (rice cereal) which she adores.  Chickadee has decided that she needs to help us feed her so it becomes rather a messy affair. Yesterday I gave her her own spoon to try and keep her occupied but it went straight in the mouth and a little too far back - causing some serious gagging. Some might say this would be the obvious action however mum is a little slow on the uptake at present (the ongoing aftermath of sleep deprivation for so long). Needless to say the nappies have become more interesting now too (I'll spare the gruesome details) but suffice to say there's been some gagging action on mums part too now!  Arabella, Chickadee loves her Bumbo - she loves being upright and keeps pulling herself up now when we lay her down. She is no longer embracing tummy time - I think the problem is that when she is on her stomach she cant lift her hands up long enough to get the toys in her mouth, so she gets really cranky. It is absolutely paramount that everything goes in her mouth ... nothing escapes!  Anyway, time to go get some domestics done while the little one sleeps.

New Mum Chick 

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ChickieChirps said...

Sorry... couldn't stop giggling once I read about the ceremonious wind instrument. :)

April Blackbird