04 June 2010

Trials and Tribulations 2

Well, where do I even begin... it's been a busy past month hence my absence on this blog - despite promising Arabella Chickie that I would commit to at least one post per week. Sorry Arabella ...

We finally moved in to our new home almost two weeks ago and as one would expect, there have been some (well quite a few) teething problems. Todays issue is the rain - and lots of it. Nature has created a waterfall in our back yard, which is diverting mud flow over the retaining wall and into the pool ... which is filling up faster than it's being pumped out (yes, I rang the pool company who sent a lovely young bloke over to start pumping).  The only positive I can think of is that the pool is not actually finished yet, so at least its muddy contents are not quite the end of the world. Clearly we have some more drainage issues to deal with in the short term.

It is wonderful to be in a larger house though, particularly with Chickadee, who has far too many belongings for one little person.  She now officially has more clothes than I do, with her Grandpa (yup, the men are sometimes worse than the women) having bought her about 20 new outfits this past week. Chickadee (17 weeks old today) is having a lovely sleep in her beautiful cot, which she loves. I think she is enjoying all that room, after being cramped up in her bassinette for a little too long. She has discovered that she is quite good at cot gymnastics. It's quite funny watching her roll backwards and forwards from her left to her right side and somehow turn around 180 degrees but quite alarming when I discover her lying with her legs stuck through the cot bars!

Yesterday was one of those horror days where for some unknown reason, Chickadee was really really mis!  She screamed on and off for most of the day, which is really awful when you just don't know what is wrong. As luck would have it, her Dad finished work early to spend some 'quality' time with his bubs. Poor man, couldn't have picked a worse day for it!! I however was quite delighted to have the opportunity to escape to the shops  and recover my sanity. The plan was to look at the sales for a dress to wear to a wedding tomorrow.  Well, it was dismal. I spent most of the time worrying about Chickadee and conferring with husband over the phone as to the best course of action for him to take to help settle her down. The sales were hopeless and would you believe there was not an appropriate dress to be found anywhere. I have a distinct memory of being pregnant and seeing at least 20 dresses I would love to own!  I left the shops with two purchases ... a pair of stomach minimising knickers (the joys of having a child) to wear with the as yet unknown outfit tomorrow and ... yes, another cardigan for my baby. How life has changed ...

And now, I must go do the ironing. At least now I have a pretty water feature to look at in the garden whilst I work!

New Mum Chick

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Courtney Baker said...

Good luck girl! I can't imagine a small child and a new house! Hang in there.