17 June 2010

Solo flyer - Motherhood

I can happily report that it is now going well, this solo motherhood thing.

The first week over here was a BIG adjustment - a complete change to the rhythm of life - as expected, though I just didn't know quite when to expect the adjustment anxiety to kick in! Being so fortunate to have my wonderful family close by for the first seven weeks - my F.M.I.L. (favourite mother in law), my very special mother, and my amazing husband -I was spoiled indeed.
In my little upstairs landing haven, dinners were ferried, cups of tea provided, and cuddles available at every turn from a number of warm and safe arms. I was also able to share the night wandering and had lovely folk always willing to pop a pacifier in or to be on duty while I was napping.

Have to thank the universe for providing us with the brilliant opportunity to be out of work at that time and to have so much special time together.

So the move to Mallorca with a seven week old chick, complete with new job, no job (me) and being launched into the wonders of overseas motherhood within a few days of arrival, was, well - a little overwhelming!

I can, however happily now report that I am fully in my groove. The speed-wobbles that plagued those early days have abated with the realization that a routine, and some good organization, some good friends and a positive outlook, are all I need. Oh, and the awareness that my little chick is just happy pottering away with me there, not too far away and that so long as I read his signs, he'll tell me what he needs.

And so he does. He is now sleeping like a little angel and in a beautiful routine, slightly dependent up the level of construction noise next door....

Two baby books I have loved reading:

The Baby Whisperer - with the E.A.S.Y. program (Eat, Activity, Sleep & You time).
Buddhism for mothers - A calm approach to caring for yourself and your children.

Not so much about Buddhism, it is more about the gentle approach to living in the present and learning how to play and not be bound by things that 'need to be done' instead of fully enjoying the time you spend with your little person.

So, as the drilling begins next door - I take my leave. It is a little like being at the dentist!

Bookie-bird xxx


Anonymous said...

Aaaahh... have a huge hug sweet Bookie-bird and chickadee!

You've been in my thoughts right from the time I knew you were boarding a plane to join our chickadees in Spain.

Oh. By the way, you do have a job!!! The most important job you'll EVER have. Being a mum! You might not receive a cheque every month, but you will have everything you put into your little one returned. At least ten times over.

So, enjoy your 'quiet' time together. It doesn't last.

Love to you.

April Blackbird

Anonymous said...

Hi Bookie-Bird and welcome! Glad you are finding your groove in Mallorca and that the little one is settling in well. It's hard enough adjusting to a new bubs and all that that entails without moving countries too, so well done! Looking forward to hearing more of your news.
ps: I have read the baby Whisperer - found bits of it quite useful. Will need to look at the Buddhism one - sounds like it might be what I need to read. Having just built and moved house, it is sometimes hard to remove oneself from all that needs doing and just enjoy the moment with Chickadee.
New Mum Chick

ChickieChirps said...

Such warmth and care comes through in your comments. Thank you so much! You are right; the most beautiful job of all.
Oh, and I do receive what my husband lovingly calls a 'breastfeeding tax' for spending so I feel quite chuffed about that.
Bookie - bird