22 June 2010

Food for thought # 1

"Upsets" can be "set ups"!

Hardly a new 'thought', but one I came across again this morning so I thought I'd share it with you. It made me think. I'm pretty sure that we've all been guilty of this one at some stage.  I know I have.

If you're sitting there wondering what on earth I'm talking about, I'll tell you about a perfect 'set up' scenario I was once 'guilty' of creating for myself.

I was working long hours at a job I didn't particularly enjoy for various reasons I won't get into here.  Instead of simply handing in my notice because I didn't like my job or the person I was working for, I felt I had to keep at it because I'm not a 'quitter'.  Pathetic, but true. I know myself well.

Eventually, I quit because I got really 'upset' about something quite irrelevant actually.  What I did, in fact, was 'set up' an 'upset' so I could feel justified in typing out my notice. I had to 'get really cross' first before I gave myself permission to leave.

So, the next time you find yourself getting 'upset' with someone, or about something, stop and think about why you're feeling and/or reacting like this. 

  • What do you have to gain by getting 'upset'? 
  • Why have you 'set up' this scenario?
  • Has someone 'taken' something away from your life, in some way?
  • Is there something you should have said earlier on that you felt was 'inappropriate'?  (In other words, were you too chicken to speak your truth?)  
  • Are you behaving in a particular way because you subconciously seek the approval of another? 
  • Are you being your true, authentic self or are you simply putting on 'an act'? 

    Interesting food for thought, isn't it?

    April Blackbird

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