02 June 2010

Attitude of Gratitude # 7

I am truly grateful for the roof above my head! Literally.

We've had huge storms buffeting the New South Wales south coast and a lot of people have lost 'the roof above their heads'.  The wind whipped them up and away!  Not too pleasant an experience, especially when it's raining heavily.

Sydney had a cyclone warning for the weekend and we were amazed at how good people were about cancelling sports events and staying home.  Generally speaking, people were being very careful to stay off the roads and out of harms way.  They literally 'battened down the hatches'.  Garden furniture was secured or put away, awnings were tied up or put away, gutters were cleaned out and cars were parked as far away from potential harm as possible.

The cyclone missed Sydney.  A lot of people made a big fuss about the 'warning'.  Frankly, I'm glad we had the warning.  Wind scares me silly.  We live on top of a hill and I wasn't looking forward to being subjected to that kind of wind.

So yes, I am grateful for the roof above my head.

April Blackbird

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