12 June 2010

Few words, a flower, a lamp and an anchor...

I think I must be a woman of few words (although I am sure my husband would beg to differ... apparently I am always trying to talk to him when he is trying to sleep!).  Every time I go to write something on this blog, my thoughts desert me and I am left with a blank view in my head.  Why is that?  When I am nowhere near my computer of course my head is full of pretty pictures and prose.

Today I have a few more photos to share from here in Mallorca...  I would say they are picturesque, but that word just cracks me up.  My bestest friend in primary school used to read a lot, and then she would use these words she read in conversations, but somehow, someway (for a very bright chica) she always managed to get the pronunciation wrong;  picturesque became 'picture-skew' and porcelain was 'pork-lane'.  Those two words in particular always make me smile.

Anyway, here is a lovely flower...

And a lamp during Reyas celebrations... I have rather a fondness for street lamps...

And an anchor... or part of one.

Have a great weekend!

Arabella Chickie in Palma de Mallorca

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Anonymous said...

Cracked up laughing! I can remember delivering a presentation in my second year of school and using the word... picture-skew. Got moaned at by the nun in charge, grumpy old witch that she was.

April Blackbird.

Gorgeous photos, by the way :)