13 June 2010

For the birds

 A little birdie told me there was some room on the perch at chickie-chirps, so here I am, presenting for my first blog ever! 

My little guy is snoozing happily to the sound of whip-birds and magpies, with the occasional kookaburra in a rainstorm.  It has proven to be the most relaxing choice of all the lullabies and other soothing song CD's we had uploaded both i-touches to explosion point with.  That and the sound of a simulated heart-beat.  I'm sure he's smarter than that, but possibly falls asleep before he has time to argue.

He is 15 weeks old and loving life, with his first giggle this week, and many, many alternatives of communication which I certainly don't understand, but love hearing.  He speaks so intently to himself in the mirror and to the giraffes and various other soft friends which came across with us from Australia when we moved a few months ago.  It did seem cruel.  The vacuum bag was sealed, so no whimpers could be heard from the squashed faces and bodies of the toys, but I felt certain they should be released as first priority upon arrival, and felt certain there was a collective sigh of relief. 

Sunny Mallorca welcomes us back and we are thrilled to be here with gorgeous Arabella chickie and her chico.  We're on a great adventure together and they are beautiful folk to have on the journey with us.  

I'm taking solo flying lessons in the TAFE course of motherhood, having worked 4 years in yachting with my incredible chap - what a major change to the rhythm of life.   Kind of knew it was coming, but was not sure when the realization of the level of change would hit.  It has!  Now have my groove back with lots of planning, a very co-operative child and a lot of lovely friends, one chickie in particular, who encourages my chatter and my overdose of te con leche and certain French bakery goods.

I'm writing my first book and am SO excited that I have finally had the complete idea come to me and I can now start without feeling like I'm on a train without a destination.  Despite the fact that the journey can be as fulfilling as the destination... books tend to need one, I've found.  Or great disappointment can ensue.   

LOVE this little short by Pixar.  Sure to prompt a smile. 



ChickieChirps said...

Welcome Bookie-bird! Lovely post! Hope your book writing goes well! Looking forward to hearing lots more from you here. I love that Pixar short film!!!! One of my favs!


Anonymous said...

What a joy to have you onboard our visiting perch Bookie-bird. Welcome. We look forward to sharing your ongoing advertures with your little birdie too :)

Haven't watched that short film yet, but will be sure to shortly.

April Blackbird

Anonymous said...

Watched the short film! Loved it. Thanks so much for sharing :)

April Blackbird