02 February 2010

Monday Weekly Menu Plan #2

I have to confess that I didn't quite stick to my menu plan completely last week.  I managed to squeak by the week without visiting the grocery store... Yay!  I hate the grocery store - it always takes me at least 2 hours to do the shopping and I always spend more that I want to.  I managed to find some sausages in the freezer, so we had 'bangers and mash' for lunch on the day that was supposed to be grocery day.

Unfortunately I did have to got today...  so I whipped up a new menu plan this morning before I went.  Then, on the way to the grocery store my husband called and asked me to pick up some big plastic storage containers, which of course I couldn't fit into my shopping basket with all my groceries, so I had to make two trips up the four escalators to the car... joy.

So this week's plan...


  • Lunch:  Rotisserie chicken* with baps, coleslaw, tomatoes, cheese and lettuce.

  • Dinner:  Pasta bake made with the leftover chicken from lunch and broccoli, tomato, mushrooms, leek and onion with a white sauce.

  • Lunch: Beef mince and chili bean nachos with sour cream, red pepper sprinkles and grated cheese.

  • Dinner: Pork and mushroom cannelloni (a new recipe I am going to try out) with green salad and bread.

  • Lunch: Self crusting quiche with mushroom, bacon, tomatoes, leek and peas and red pepper served with a salad and bread.

  • Dinner: My special lasagne with green salad and bread.


  • Lunch: Hotdogs with lettuce, tomato, cheese, gherkins and fried onions.

  • Dinner: Hungarian beef goulash with rice.


  • Lunch: Ginger beef stir fry with broccoli, beans, cauliflower and red pepper.

  • Dinner: Chicken fajitas with grated carrot, grated cheese, and sour cream.


  • Lunch: Ham, cheese and tomato paninis.

  • Dinner: Date night!


  • Brunch: Bacon, mushroom, courgette, tomato, cheese and onion omelettes.

  • Dinner: Pumpkin and pancetta risotto with salad and bread.
* Just so you know, I buy two rotisserie chickens for lunch on my grocery shopping days... These feed the four of us for lunch (three big 'boys' and me) and then I can use the leftovers to make four generous sized individual pasta bakes and one generous two person pasta bake. I give one each of the individual ones to the two boys for their dinner (in disposable oven safe aluminium dishes) and take the two person one home for my husband and myself and then freeze the remaining two individual servings for when I am not able to cook for the boys.

So, what are you making for dinner this week?

Here is the link for the Pumpkin and Pancetta Risotto.  I got this recipe from the Entertaining Epicurean cookbook, which has several great recipes in it that I use a lot.
Here is the link for my Lasagne recipe.  Hope you like it.

Arabella Chickie in Palma de Mallorca


Anonymous said...

Mussel salad. Mixed green baby leaves, olives, cocktail tomatoes of various colours - diced, garlic, seasoning, olive oil and white balsamic vinegar.

Can you please post your recipe for pumpkin and pancetta risotto? And your special recipe for lasagne?

ChickieChirps said...

Sounds Yum! And very summery... I love mussels! Unfortunately I cannot convince my husband to eat them...
I will have a go at posting the recipes... I just have to work out how to do it first.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the recipes. Will have a go at making them and let you know how they come out.

ChickieChirps said...

Cool! Have fun! I just remembered today that I don't follow the recipe for the risotto exactly. It says to add the stock all at once, but I cook it like a more traditional risotto and add the stock one ladle at a time stirring in between until the liquid is absorbed (20 - 30 min). I know it is more time consuming, but the texture is better that way.

Anonymous said...

Twice cooked chicken? Who'd have thought...

ChickieChirps said...

I know... my how things have changed.