15 February 2010

Wild weekend!

Well, the sun is finally shining and although there are definitely still dark rain clouds about, I can finally see the horizon again.

What a few days we've had in Sydney!  Flash floods!  Huge winds!  You can read more about it here - the poor woman in the photo appears to have been having more than a small problem.

Family members had substantial damage done to their garden, fencing and gates. Twice!  Not so funny.  Wonder if the insurance company will come to the party or whether it is deemed 'an act of God'?  We'll find out, no doubt.

We've had the dehumidifier running non-stop.  It makes a huge difference, particularly under the stairs. 

We did get time to visit our littlest chickadee and her parents.  She's grown in a week!  And we got time to pick some roses.  Not the greatest of photos, but I thought I'd share it with you anyway.

This particular rose has the most amazing perfume.  The buds start off quite a deep orange and as the bud opens it begins to pale.  By the time the rose is full blown, it's a pale lemon.  

We have a few others that are blooming, but they're not ready to be photographed just yet.  

It's been a busy day to-day and I've washing drying on the line so I'd better sign out and get on with things.

April Blackbird

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