14 February 2010

Crochet Slippers for my Husband

I'm really getting hooked on this crochet thing (excuse the pun)... It is great to do while watching TV... I hate just sitting and watching TV and not doing something. 

Our apartment in Palma is very cold... we have tiled floors and high ceilings and the heating doesn't work very well.  I (being the organised, must be prepared for every situation and pack everything but the kitchen sink sort of person that I am) brought my slippers with me, but my husband... well, he didn't.  He watched me walking around in my slippers with toastie feet and got all jealous, so I offered to make him some crochet slippers (my alterior motive being that as a beginner, I get to practice and make something useful and he can't complain about me not paying him any attention while I am busy counting).  I only had a limited selection of colours on hand and I can't seem to find any yarn stores here in Palma, so I went with it.  This is what he got.

I think he's pretty pleased with them... I'm quite excited myself to have actually produced something wearable!  I loosely followed this pattern for Men's slippers which produces a double thickness sole... a necessity for our freezing tiles.

I've also been having a little bit of fun playing around in Photoshop CS4, using some of the actions that Ree from Pioneer Woman generously put together and posted for download.   The above photo has been actioned using her 70's action.  Fun!  The slippers are actually brighter than that in real life... but I didn't want to scare you...

Arabella Chickie in Palma de Mallorca

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