25 February 2010

The almond trees are in flower in Mallorca!

It is one of my favourite times of year here in Mallorca... the almond trees are in flower!  They are so beautiful!  We went for a drive in the country on the weekend and I made my long suffering husband pull over (when all he wanted to do was go home for a nap) so I could get a few pics...

Isn't this island just stunning?  I do love it here...

Arabella Chickie in Palma de Mallorca

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Anonymous said...

I've never seen yellow Almond blossoms before! How absolutely spectacular the trees look. I would never have thought the flowers would be yellow.

We had an Almond tree in our garden once, but I'm pretty sure it had white flowers. It's so long ago now I can't remember anymore.

Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos. What a beautiful place you're privileged to be living in right now.