02 June 2011

Making a difference 101 # 1

There are a lot of people making a lot of noise, about a lot of different issues!  That's good!  We need to hear about these 'issues', we need to be made aware, we need to be inspired to do something about them. 

We're constantly told that one person can make a difference, but I wonder how many of you truly believe that is possible... do you?

So, aside from:-
  • switching off lights, appliances and plugs
  • boiling the kettle once and pouring the remaining hot water into a flask for later
  • using re-usable shopping bags
  • re-cycling bottles, tins, plastic, paper, corks
  • re-using/updating clothing
  • walking or catching a bus or train instead of driving, where possible
  • establishing lift schemes
  • buying 'local', in season, produce whenever possible
  • eating less red meat 
  • composting our scraps, scrapings, clippings and cuttings
what can we do?  Any ideas? Buying carbon credits to offset your lifestyle excluded please.

I'm going to set the ball rolling:

  1. Plant a tree, preferably a fruit tree.  Ask your local nursery for advice.  You need the right tree for your environment and you need to know how and where (and when) to plant it.  And how to take care of it (without toxic chemicals please).
If you don't have a garden of your own you can try contacting your nearest school or community centre.  So many schools are starting 'kitchen gardens' now.

Hoping to hear from you...

April Blackbird


ChickieChirps said...

Hhhhmmm... how about recycling leftovers?
I make leftover roast meat meals into shepherds pies, leftover chicken into chicken, mushroom and bacon pasta, old tomatoes into slow roasted tomatoes (to be used in salads, lasagnes etc...) or tomato sauce to be used in eggplant parmigiana or bolognaise sauce. Old berries I cook up with a bit of sugar and water and freeze to make coulis or tarts. Old bread becomes breadcrumbs for fish cakes, or bruschetta or garlic bread or tart cases. The list goes on...


Anonymous said...

Definitely a 'winner'! We all waste so much food. Especially when our large families go off to wander the world and we're still 'cooking big'.

Which reminds me... I must go and do something with all those limes I bought on special. I know I can throw them directly into the freezer for use later, but (as you know) I don't have much freezer space. Will have to squeeze their juice into ice moulds.


ChickieChirps said...

Oo, I'm with Arabella on leftover recycling. I just popped over to Kefalonia for a few days to see the gang, and for my chicco to see his little chick, and chopped up all my fruit into chunks for jars in the freezer to mix with yoghurt for later for the wee one.
Also have bought three lovely terracotta pots for our balcony to start a fresh herb garden to supply Arabella with all the herbs she needs and our little kitchen too.
Hmm, the other one I have become quite passionate about is making toys out of things that would otherwise not find a use - corks, straws, pegs... and I try to buy wooden toys which are so much hardier and more tactile for our little chick.
And last but not least, I bought a bobble! We use a brita water filter jug at home for the tap water, but I wanted something I could use while out and about and this little beauty filters water as you drink it, for up to two months or something like 300 uses. Safe for all but bacterial content.
Great post AB, well done.
BB, in Kefalonia

Anonymous said...

That's brilliant thinking :) - will check out the waterbobble... nice to have as a standby.