20 June 2011

UK chickie update

The UK nestlings have flown to Brittany for a camping holiday in sunny France.  Thing is, the only sun they have seen is the picture of the sun that is printed on the inside of their tent windows.

Lots and lots of rain!  And very cold water!  So, the chickadees are swimming in proper neoprene suits (who could dream of keeping them out of the water?) to prevent them turning into little icicles.

Fortunately, their mother hen has (as always) taken a good stock of activities like pens, crayons, paints, books, drawing paper to keep the little ones busy when they're 'tent bound'.

There is also an aquarium nearby and a children's disco that our 'big girl' is enjoying.  I am told she knows all the moves by now.

It does sound as though they are having a good family holiday.  The tent isn't leaking and they're basically warm....  doesn't sound as though they've managed to find another circus!  It was a huge hit last year.

April Blackbird

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ChickieChirps said...

Well wishing them luck from where the sun seems to be hanging out!
Bookie bird in Naxos