01 June 2011

Wicked weather!

It was such a pleasure to wake up to absolute 'quiet' this morning.   No lashing winds, no rolling thunder, no clashing lightning!  What a few days it's been in Sydney!

Personally, I have no objections to rain, thunder and lightning.  It's the wind that drives me nuts! The huge palms next door looked set to take off sideways... doesn't exactly make for a peaceful nights sleep when they're thrashing about!

Take a look at the four water spouts that formed off Avoca Beach this past week - they were quite something.

It's even stopped raining for a bit and I can see the horizon (over the sea) is quite clear.  That's supposed to be a good 'sign', isn't it?  Or does it only count if there's a clear horizon at dusk?

We've had lots of flash floods in Sydney and some people have had to be rescued from their cars (some of our roads have lousy drainage) and the beautiful Mona Vale Golf Course looked like a series of lakes.

We've also had the coldest May in 40 years!  Apparently, we can expect winter to be quite mild this year... hope somebody is telling the weather that!

Not that I'm complaining, mind!!!  At least we haven't had the huge floods and awful tornadoes they've experienced in the US.  My heart so goes out to those poor people as they continue to walk through their living nightmare!   

April Blackbird

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