16 June 2011

Rumbling volcanoes, earthquakes, typhoons and tornadoes...

Gosh, our world is being buffeted about by nature.

The poor folk of Christ Church in New Zealand have been having an awful time of it  and our heart's go out to them.  It's enough to shatter your nerves.

Far away from the Skaky Isles, in good old New South Wales, we spent the night listening to the wind howl across the coast and I can see huge waves breaking on the beach.  Apparently, we're in for more severe storms today.  And I complain because I can't get my washing dry (my house looks like a laundry... washing everywhere - which I dislike intensely).

Mind you... I couldn't post this yesterday!  Our internet connection was soooo slow I had to give up.  Weather issues, I was told.

The latest volcanic action in Chile has kept flights grounded in Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide and between the ash and the earthquake travellers to NZ and back are experiencing delays and cancellations like never before. (I heard on the radio this morning that flights are resuming!)

We're experiencing flooding in NSW (not an issue for us... we live high on top of a hill!) and a lot of people have spent the last few nights in shelters while they waited anxiously to find out whether their homes and farms will be flooded.  Farmers are really suffering.  They've endured years of drought only to have the floods undo all the good they thought the rains were bringing. 

Farmers in the Northern Territory are facing 'going broke' because of the live cattle ban to countries deemed to be infringing animal rights issues.  There's a lot of tension about the subject, but isn't it quite something that we even got to know there is an issue?  One that can be sorted out and should be shortly.

There are so many Doom-Sayer's about at the moment!  What is it with that guys?  We have to remember that this is 'nature'.  This is how things have always been and always will be.  We've just been blessed to escape 'the real action' until recently.

This is not the beginning of the 2012 'end of the world' scenario so many seem to fear.  Remember the Y2K nonsense?  We even bought a kettle that had a tag pronouncing it 'safe' - which annoyed me dreadfully - load of money making tripe that was!

Think for yourselves guys! Look at history!  I remember sitting with a group of women as recently as 5 years ago.  They were all sure Australia would never see a period where we would have rain again.  The drought was here to stay!  Yeah right.

Modern communication means that we get to hear about 'everything' almost immediately.  It's made us all so much more aware of natural catastrophes and the ravages of poverty and war, and the contraventions of human and animal rights.  It's in our homes, everyday, we can no longer ignore the world around us.  It's in our faces and we're uncomfortable with it.  Which is great!  It means humanity is finally waking up!  Finally, we're actually pushing and shoving to get things changed.  We are no longer just pawns in a big game.

I love it!  In the end the world can only just be a better place because we are beginning to accept it's just such a small place and we are all so inter-connected.

Time to jump off my soapbox.

April Blackbird


ChickieChirps said...

I totally agree AB!


ChickieChirps said...

So interesting. Loved your comments.