10 June 2011

remember me!

Hi there girls
Chickie is fast asleep, and as always, I sometimes feel overwhelmed with the vast array of things I need to achieve in those precious two hours whilst she is asleep!! However, today I thought I would sit down with a coffee and put finger to keyboard to say hi and also to catch up on all your posts! I realise it has been quite some time since I posted ...
My little Chickie is now a full grown Chickette - it seems that at the whopping age of 16 months old I have a little 'person' in my midst, full of her own ideas about how life should be! She certainly is an independent little thing, but so full of fun and love. Every day she blows me away with her lovely personality and also the amazing rate at which she is learning and developing.  I really am blessed!
Other than boring you with news of my sweet child, life here is, dare I say it, kind of quiet, not entirely, but by our standards, fairly! We seem to be in a stage of getting all the many things that have been up in the air finished. It's always nice to have closure. Who knows, one day soon, I may even open up that learn to crochet book and dvd I bought about a year ago! Where does the time go ...
I need to run and retrieve my washing which I can see blowing around the garden as I type this ... looks like a storm is brewing. It's certainly one way to get rid of the washing anyway, just let it fly away. Ha ha.
Anyway, love to you all, and always lovely to read your posts and hear what exciting things you are up to over on the other side of the world, (and even this side of the world too AB).I shall endeavor to post more often :)
NMC xx


ChickieChirps said...

Hi NMC! Lovely to hear from you! Your hubby just sent through some gorgeous photos of your wee Chickette... such a sweet doting Dad!


Anonymous said...

Our littlest girl is so not well! AB

ChickieChirps said...

Sad to hear chickadee is not well! I hope recovered by now?
NMC I hear you on the compartmentalization of time - well done on whatever you can achieve I say!
Also loving this interactive phase of our wee chick. It is a beautiful, rewarding phase which we're loving. Words and opinions and great focus on achieving tasks!
Love BB in Naxos