25 June 2011

A little travel bug #3 I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

In the 30 degree heat of sunny Summer Greece, I happened to pass by a photograph on our wall of we two kids in snow jackets and goggles with rosy cheeks and very cold noses. 


 Good ol' Western hospitality thrives here at Steamboat.  The barn sums it all up.  It's so not Aspen, and we love it for that.

Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  Christmas time with the scent of fir trees both in and outside the house, the trails of a thousand keen skiers up before the dawn to get the 'fresh tracks' and the smell of turkey roasting.  

Fresh Tracks 

It is here that for one's own good health it is recommended to jump from hot pool, to medium pool, to cool pool and then out and up the snow-covered slope to roll back down into the water.  It's fresh!

Snow mobile tracks in the late evening.

  About to head down this daunting slope....

Snow covered Aspen trees.

So beautiful.   Go to Steamboat and soak up a little of the Winter magic if you ever get a chance.  Drink a milkshake at Lion Drugstore,  buy beautiful Indian woven rugs, have a hot chocolate at the tiny bookstore and read for hours.  Snuggle into your big fluffy coat and inspect the beautiful snow-flakes as they land, unique, on your sleeve and slowly melt away.

Bookie bird in Lavrio, Greece.


ChickieChirps said...

Looks beautiful BB! I would love to go there some time!


Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful part of the world! I have fond memories of Steamboat!! NMC

Anonymous said...

Another item for my bucket list then! Thanks for sharing :)


joanne erickson said...

I would love to get in contact with BB. who posted these photos. I would like to get permission to use the barn photo in a project I am working on. Can you provide contact info? My name is Joanne Erickson, email:
Thanks for your help