06 June 2011

A little travel bug #2. Nafplion, Greece

A little while ago, when there was lots of time for exploring our new little home and region here in Lavrio, we took a couple of trips to Nafplion.

Old Nafplion is one of the most beautiful towns in Greece, according to Matt Barrett  who has the most informative sites relating to all the Greek Islands and the majority of other destinations in Greece.  It's a spot I go to religiously to check out when I know I'm travelling somewhere new.

 A little like the Plaka in Athens, it is full of restaurants, winding lanes of shops and little coffee shops, lovely architecture and a beautiful sunset view to the Bourtzi, the small island fortress that can be seen from the foreshore.

There is a great English bookstore here and multitudes of little jewellery stores and galleries selling unique pieces and designer art.

Not to mention one of the most outstanding  Gelaterias,   Antica Gelateria de Roma, which sells a remarkable selection of Limoncello, limoncino and the most famous versions from Sicily.  I was at a friend's barbeque yesterday and sampled a Limoncello she had prepared from lemons from her tree - quite divine and lovely and light.  So Arabella, we must try to make it - it doesn't sound that difficult to have our very own production line!

 And I discovered these four little guys huddled atop a vending machine.

Bookie bird in Lavrio, Greece.


Anonymous said...

We have the brother & sister of these kitties, living behind us! Looks like they're from the same litter. Same markings.

Is Limoncello creamy? Or just icy?


ChickieChirps said...

Limoncello is not clear but it is made in so many ways it can be clearer or more cloudy depending upon the manufacturing process. The homemade ones seem to me to be cloudier. I think it's to do with the amount of rind but I'm not an expert by any means! Best served straight from the freezer and sometimes is icy - though I wonder how as alcohol doesn't freeze.... perhaps the cheaper ones have less alcohol so freeze more readily!