02 August 2010

Places I have been #7

As we'll be spending next week up at Perisher in the Snowy Mountains (with New Mum Chick and our littlest chickadee) I thought it was about time I told you about something Australian. I even have some photos for you...
It all starts here.  You park your car and catch the train up. Everything goes up with you. Which is why NMC was talking about the need to hire a Scherpa.
Snow guns at Blue Cow.

This is the view from the lounge of the lodge we'll be staying at next week. It's snowing at the moment and I believe they had half a metre of snow yesterday.  Which means that the early morning skiing today was something not to be missed.  Those gums you see are 'snow gums' and they're hundreds of years old.  I think they make the most beautiful snowscapes.
This photo was taken in 2008, Arabella might remember sitting out on that patio having a BBQ in Summer. There's a crowd of people who go down to the lodge at the same time as us and they use that BBQ in the middle of winter.  Far too cold out for our crowd.  
Falling icicles are definitely hazardous to the health, but rather beautiful.

You can't keep a good engineer down... that's 'my man' busy cutting steps.
The 'Hanz' Oversnow - far better than traipsing up the hill with all your gear
Now I'll be honest, I haven't been up here...    
'Our' oversnow... you'll be surprised what you can pile into it! I took this photo from our bedroom window (through the mozzie net).  Well, this has to be all the photos for now.  This post is giving me lots of editing problems so I'm going to cook dinner.

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