15 August 2010

Back safe and sound from a rapidly warming Perisher

We left a very bright, sunny and rapidly warming Perisher yesterday morning.  It was so warm when we left that I didn't even bother putting on my gloves and hat and I didn't need to fasten up my jacket.  The snow was melting on the rooftops and the roads were turning to slush and it wasn't even 9pm yet.

Crowds of people were pouring in to watch a competition and they would have had a brilliant day out in the sun.  We enjoyed the sun on our faces as we drove back to Sydney via Jindabyne and Cooma and Goulburn.  I love the scenery around that area, it reminds me of the good old Transvaal/Orange Free State.

We stopped in Bredbo for morning tea and were joined my New Mum Chick and her family.  They make scrumptious pancakes and really good tea at the little restaurant we like to stop at. 

Lunch in Goulburn, at the old bakery with the huge open fireplace, is always a welcome break.  They make great pies there and I had a really nice salad and chicken roll with a huge skinny latte.

The roads were busy!  Lots of people going to and from the snow.  It got even busier once we 'hit' Sydney outskirts and we had to keep reminding ourselves we were still on holiday and should just relax and enjoy.  Must say, I did find myself 'enjoying' the scenery around Sydney again. 

Today is washing, cleaning and general un-packing day.  There are piles of post and emails to sort through.  The front garden bed needs weeding and I should go and do some grocery shopping. We've just had a huge hail storm and there's more rain hanging over the sea.  It is however, nice and warm.  We even pulled the blanket off our bed this morning.  Spring is definitely on its way. One can't help wondering how much more skiing/boarding will be done at Perisher this year...

April Blackbird.

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