29 July 2010

Hoorah for holidays!

Seems I've done a good (??) job of wearing out my little Chick, who is sleeping the sleep of the weary. We went to mother's group this morning then ran a million errands prior to heading off on our holiday tomorrow. She seems to have mended well after her various bugs and as we know, she does so enjoy being out and about. She does however refuse to sleep whilst out, she might miss out on something important. She wouldn't even drink her milk at mothers group, there were too many babies to check out and squeal at ...

But I digress. We are off to the snow tomorrow for two weeks.Hoorah!!  I can't wait, not specifically to ski, but just to have a holiday away from the day to day hassles and domestics, and time with hubby, friends and family. And to catch up on some much needed sleep. So shan't post until we get back, but will still read all your blogs to hear what's up in your ends of the world. 

Talk about a logistical nightmare though! Food, clothes, portacot, feeding paraphernalia, nappies, medical paraphernalia, ski gear, linen etc - all has to be packed up and transported to the snow where we have to load everything on to trolleys and take it on the ski tube, then transfer to an over-snow machine to the lodge. I'm thinking of giving someone some money to act as a Sherpa for us!!  I've said it before, but it's amazing just how much stuff one little person requires.

So, off to finish my packing whilst the little one sleeps.

New Mum Chick NMC

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ChickieChirps said...

Yay you guys! Have a great holiday... you deserve it!!!