31 August 2010

We're back in Lavrio!

We made it back to Lavrio just over a week ago and it is so good to be back 'home' in our little apartment.  Our trip went faster than we expected but we were very uninspired by Tunisia... I didn't even bother to take photos (which is very unlike me).  Malta looked beautiful and mysterious as we were coming into Grand Harbour at 11pm at night.  

Unfortunately we left again at 4am the next morning while it was still dark and didn't get to see any more of it.  We made it to the Ionian islands of Greece around lunchtime that day.  A pretty fast trip!  Tunisia to Greece via Malta in less than 24 hours!

We spent some time in the Ionians and found it was pleasantly different from the Aegean area.  Much more vegetation on the islands and the water was beautiful.  However, it was also more crowded than the places we usually go in the Aegean.

We also saw what has to be one of the ugliest superyachts in the world!

We came through the Corinth canal Sunday afternoon.  It really is rather narrow...

A feeling not helped by the evidence of frequent rockfall at the side...

I am pleased to be able to report that some of our modifications in Palma have helped give the boat more control at slower speeds though and there were no gasping nail biting moments as we went through the canal.

Gee but its great to be back home!

Arabella Chickie in Lavrio, Greece


Anonymous said...

Fabulous pictures (as always)... I have a Maltese friend off to visit Malta for the first time in her life. She's so looking forward to it.

Stunning blue water in these pics and yes, the ugliest ever superyacht! What is it?

April Blackbird

Anonymous said...

Oh good lord, that thing is a very interesting choice of super yacht. Subtle. :)
bookie Bird.