24 August 2010

Tuesday and the Council still hasn't picked up the inorganic collection

Funny how 'rules' only seem to work one way.

Council threaten ratepayers with a $1500 fine for putting out 'junk' for the inorganic collection ahead of time.  They don't want it cluttering up the pavements.  Which is right.  It's an absolute eye-sore too.

That said, they haven't picked it up as stated on their pamphlet.  They'll probably get around to it eventually some time today. 

In the meantime, the 'vultures' have swooped and piles have diminished and been redistributed.  I believe a lot of people make a very good living out of doing the rounds and picking up 'junk' for recycling.  I reckon 'good on them'.  We're such an incredibly wasteful society, I'm happy to see things used rather than being dumped.

It's now illegal for these people to pick up like this. One has to wonder why.  Surely it's 'fine' if they don't make a mess by spreading a pile across the pavement (which really annoys me)?

Someone even picked up my old, rusted through and very broken mop!  I wonder what they'll do with that?

One of the guys I used to work with lived in a very wealthy neighbourhood and he told me that his neighbour put out two brand new bicyles.  My friend's kids used them for years.  As I said, a wasteful society. 

April Blackbird

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