04 August 2010

Adios and Kalimera!

Yikes! It's here.  The deferred excitement/ nervousness of moving overseas, so beautifully put off by first port of call being the familiarity of Mallorca.  The crew chickies motor off on Tuesday and we 1.5 are due to come on 25th with faithful folks in tow and there for brilliant moral support.  

Our little chick is rolling all over the place now and quite pleased with himself.  He's very excited about his trip to Greece and learning how to eat spanikopita one of these days.  I'm very much looking forward to the great salads and lovely fresh feta.  I hear tell the Kalamata olives are not as we expect but I'm prepared to seek some out that taste fabulous!

Much research is going on to find out all about our new location and I feel blessed to have my folks coming so I can do some little scouting trips with my mum and find out about English speaking doctors and perhaps even nursery schools.  not to mention shopping! I have the very important job of sourcing some hard to find items for the boat which does give me a great sense of purpose!

So, sadly we wave goodbye (yet again) to Mallorca and all the incredible things she has to offer, but we move on to a home, for the first time in our lives together.  A place in which we can buy a spice rack, heavy books and homewares and stop always selecting the smallest bottles on the shelf at the supermarket.  And my nesting gene, which has been switched off now for about 5 years, can finally be given free reign.  Even describing that makes me feel a wonderful sense of relief.  

So Lavrio, here we come!  With bells on! (Oh, and Noah with his little back-pack.  He's agreed to helping with the luggage load...)

Have gorgeous days.  


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Anonymous said...

Fantastic news! Blessings to you all! It sure sounds like you're going to be having a lot of fun setting up a new home in Lavrio. Really great to know your folks are there.

All very exciting and we look forward to hearing all about it.

Travel safe :)

April Blackbird