22 August 2010

Sunday and tomorrow we have an inorganic collection...

When we first moved to Australia we were thunderstruck by the 'junk' we sometimes saw on people's pavements.  It took a little while for us to find out that this 'junk' was put out in preparation for an 'inorganic' collection, which happens once every few months. 

It's a good way to get people to stop hoarding junk in their back yards and I've grown to look forward to these collections.  It's a great incentive to 'spring clean' the house and garage.  This house is going to need one mighty big spring clean after the long, wet winter we've just had.

I have all the doors/windows and cupboard doors wide open to air at the moment and I'm in the process of wending my way through the cupboards, removing anything that has any sign of mould on it. Thank heavens for vinigar and oil of cloves.  It looks like I'll be using it extensively (again) this week. 

My books are all looking a bit the worse for the humidity too and that truly peeves me, but once again I am reminded that these are all just things.  We can live without things, they do not define us.  So I'm dumping yet more of my collection and I'm passing the children's books onto my littlest people.  I hope they'll read them.  One never does know.  Perhaps, by the time they're old enough to be interested in reading Little Women they'll decide they'd rather listen to it on their iPad's. 

Some of these books belonged to my mother.  I hope my little people will cherish them too, but they might land up at Vinnies 'cos they're looking a trifle sad around the edges now.

Oh well, the vinigar water beckons.

April Blackbird

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Anonymous said...

Ah, these wonderful books. I've just been seeking copies of them out - and making sure my reservation is placed on those copies at home!
Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, Peter Rabbit, The Magic Faraway Tree. Books are so much more evocative than electronic versions! No matter how much I travel, and how much sense it would make to have an E-book -I just can't give up the luxury of the swish of page turning and the delight of discovering each new chapter in paper.
bookie Bird