02 May 2010

Who loves a new pair of shoes?

For as long as I can remember, I've had a passion for shoes. Not just any shoes, but shoes that 'talk' to me.  You know the situation ... you happen to be casually browsing the shops and suddenly you come across a pair of shoes that you just absolutely have to own.

As Preggie Chick I resisted the urge to buy shoes for my entire pregnancy, primarily because my feet and legs swelled up to the size of large tree trunks and all I could fit into during the last trimester were my thongs (flip flops not a g-string).  As a person with a passion for shoes you can imagine that this nearly killed me. I was mortified to have to go out wearing thongs ...  Now that I'm a new mom I have very little reason to wear anything other than sensible footwear as I pound the pavements (or malls) pushing or carrying Chickadee. However, it came to my attention that long, flat boots (Riding Boots) are all the rage in fashion right now and they rather took my fancy! Initially I persuaded myself that I had no need for yet another pair of shoes. I quickly came to the realisation however that these boots may not be in fashion next year, therefore I ought to buy a pair now whilst I still had the opportunity. Having come to my senses, Arabella Chickie and I hit the shops during her recent visit and I was thrilled to purchase a beautiful pair of long, black riding boots. Very plain and simple but quite elegant. It felt really good taking that pair of boots home! Of course, this also meant that I now had to purchase two new pairs of trousers to wear with the new boots. I am now the owner of a pair of skinny leg jeans and a pair of black leggings. The idea being the pants get tucked into the boots. I have a distinct memory of outrightly mocking this fashion statement a number of years ago and never thought I would become a victim of this trend myself. Still, with such gorgeous boots, one is compelled to display them.  Besides, Arabella Chickie assured me that so long as you wear a long top over the pants to hide your bum, then all is ok.

On Friday I had to run to the mall to get a few things and to my delight it was freezing cold and pouring with rain. The perfect opportunity to wear the new boots. Admittedly, wearing new boots when you know you have lots of walking to do is not necessarily very sensible so I did take a few band aids with incase of blisters. However, the boots were fabulously comfortable, much to my delight.  That said, by the time I got home it was quite a relief to slip them off and put on my pale blue Peter Alexander Ugg Boots ... a fashion item I swore I would never, ever own. They are rather warm and comfy though, sometimes I even think about leaving the house with them on ... but that would just be crossing the line.

New Mum Chick

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ChickieChirps said...

Glad you are enjoying the new boots! I am with you on the crossing the line with ugg boots out of the house though : )