24 May 2010

Attitude of Gratitude # 6

I've just read Arabella's latest post about 'eating out' and it really stirred something inside me.  How wonderful it is that 'my chicks' are getting to experience such diversity!

So.  Today I will tell you that I am grateful for the opportunities that are available to my chicks.  How fantastic it is for them to be able to get 'out there' and experience what life has to offer! 

Yes, I know that these opportunities have (in some instances, and we won't go there) come at a price to them.  That they've had to work hard to get 'where they are' and that they're still working hard at 'what they do'.  They've had to make sacrifices. They've had to 'get out there and make it happen'!  I know that.  Still, it is wonderful to know that they're doing/seeing/experiencing so much. 

No matter how it came to be, the fact is... these are still opportunities and  I'm truly chuffed to see how they have reached out and seized the moment. So many people I have known have sat back and watched opportunity pass them by. 

April Blackbird

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