23 May 2010

Dining out

One thing I really love to do is eat out, (much to the dismay of my husband and his wallet).  I am still trying to analyse why I love to eat out so much... but I think it is the combination of several things:

- having someone else prepare a meal for you
- being able to enjoy an evening chatting with friends with no-one having the pressure of being host/hostess
- the opportunity to try some new flavour combinations that I haven't tried before
- the chance to try a new bottle of wine that you know should be reasonable good or it wouldn't be on the menu at all
- if it is just the two of us, the opportunity to really chat without being distracted at home by the TV or the computer or my crafts etc...
- and finally being able to walk away and know that someone else is going to take care of the mess in the kitchen tonight

Palma is such a great city and it really comes alive at night time.  There are so many restaurants and cafes and bars tucked away in little alleyways around here, and it is such a pleasure to explore and find some new little restaurant to try.  The other day I even found a vegetarian restaurant!  

At the moment we find ourselves eating out two or three times a week!  But I am sure that will change when we get back to Greece.  The area we live in in Greece is quite rural and doesn't have much in the way of restaurants, although we do have our favourite few... two Tavernas (similar to tapas style eating) and a great Italian restaurant that I really hope is still there when we get back to Greece.

Now I just need to work my way through my mental list of restaurants that I want to try before we leave Palma and I will be happy... it could take a while though!

Arabella Chickie in Palma de Mallorca

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ChickieChirps said...

I will have to use my imagination ( ;0 ) and live vicariously through 'my children'... look forward to hearing all about these restuarants; what you eat; what you drink; where they are... you know your 'other father' isn't at all fond of eating out.

Thoroughly agree with your reasons for enjoying eating out! I wonder though if you've made it really clear that you do a HUGE amount of cooking/preparation/cleaning for other people? You absolutely deserve to be able to relax and 'enjoy' as often as possible.

April Blackbird