18 May 2010

An Attitude of Gratitude - # 3 (yup, I forgot about 3 and went straight on to 4)

I have no idea how it came about that I totally skipped # 3.  No excuses, just a fact. Moving on.

Today I'm going to express my gratitude for the heavy rain that's been falling in Sydney since early last night.  It bucketed down all night and all I could think of was New Mum's newly laid lawn!  Yayyy!  The rain will do a better job of 'wetting it in' than any amount of watering could ever do. Couldn't have asked for better. Let's hope the creek doesn't flood at No. 8 though!  The fence has only just been repaired.

I haven't always been so grateful for the rain that's fallen around me!  Truth be told, there was a time when we lived in New Zealand that I honestly wondered whether I would begin to grow webs between my toes.  The first six months that we lived in Auckland were the wettest on record.  Which reminds me of this poem which we found in an information centre in Westland National Park in NZ:

The Rain
It rained and rained and rained
The average fall was well maintained
And when the tracks were simple bogs,
it started raining cats & dogs

After a drought of half an hour
We had a most refreshing shower,
And then most curious thing of all,
A gently rain began to fall!

Next day but one was fairly dry
Save for one deluge from the sky
Which wetted the party to the skin
And then, at last, the rain set in. 

Right, so now we all know that it can rain A LOT in New Zealand. We also know that when it doesn't rain A LOT, they dry out all too quickly.  The countryside was brown when we were there last.  Apparently, it got a whole lot worse... let's hope they're getting some rain again.  

Anyone able to say whether they are?

April Blackbird 

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ChickieChirps said...

Ha ha! I first read that poem on a wall in the motel on Steward Island when I was about 9... have been looking for it again for years!