08 May 2010

Homemade Ricotta

It wasn't too long ago that I watched a cooking program that revealed just how easy it is to make your own Ricotta at home.  I was taken completely by surprise.  How is it possible that something so easy (and cheap) to make at home is so expensive in the shops?

Not only that, if you make it at home you know exactly what's gone into it.

Which is all well and good, as long as you write down the recipe!  Which I didn't.

While our Palma chickies were visiting we found it very difficult to find the baked Ricotta we all love so much.  Arabella did eventually find some and we enjoyed it, but we didn't enjoy it quite so much as the baked Ricotta she made herself. It was absolutely delicious and had a marvellous texture.

I did find an excellent baked ricotta recipe that I'd like to try - you'll find it by clicking on this link- it looks like it could well become a firm family favourite.

I've been searching the internet for good 'homemade' Ricotta recipes and have found quite a few variations on the theme.  Some use a mixture of buttermilk and milk; others use a mixture of cream and milk; yet others use only milk. Some use lemon juice as the 'curdling' agent; others use white vinegar.  All add a little salt.

Some recipes will give you 'instant' ricotta (or very nearly); some are a bit more time consuming.  I'm sure you'll enjoy reading all the instructions, but it does seem you can get a good result by:
  • making sure the milk doesn't actually boil
  • not burning the milk (duh)
  • using the microwave to heat the milk seems the best method
  • draining the curds through paper towels if you don't have a good muslin
So, what do you reckon?  No more shop bought Ricotta?  And... a huge variety of home baked Ricotta!

April Blackbird

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