14 December 2009

Turkeys and chocolates and champagne...

Sing along now... These are a few of my favourite things...

I picked up a small, fresh, free-range turkey to-day.  It's Grandad Chickies 60th birthday and I wanted to make him something special for dinner so I ordered this small turkey last week.

Trouble is, it's not small.  Well, I don't think 4kgs is small.  Butcher reckons it's going to take 3 hours to cook.  We'll be eating turkey for the rest of the week!

As it's quite cool to-day, I've decided to give my dear man a rest and cook the turkey in the oven instead of getting him to put it on the Weber.  I've bought a box of large oven bags, but somehow don't think this 'small' turkey will fit into it.  We shall see. 

Preggy-chick is making Grandad chick her famous chocolate cake for pudding.  I've bought some vanilla ice-cream and some fresh cherries.  Roast veg and some cranberry jelly... wish you were all here!!!

Oh, and there's champagne... or sparkling wine as we're not supposed to call it champagne unless it's French. It isn't.  It is a gold medal winning sparkling wine from Brown Brothers.  Will let you know what it's like.

April Blackbird

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