04 December 2009

I love my...

... new Copic Markers!!!

I haven't had time to have much of a play yet with the Copic markers my friend bought back from the US with her... but I did manage a wee doodle...

... and I really love these markers!  If you colour in properly and don't let it dry, they don't streak!  Amazing!  And... they have about 200 or so colours available!!!!  I also purchased the Colourless Blender, but as you can see, I'm still learning how to use it.

I am planning on using them with the cute new stamps I just purchased from The Greeting Farm and Funky Kits.

Arabella Chickie in Greece

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Anonymous said...

A wee doodle? Wow! What's your serious art like if this is just a doodle?