08 December 2009

Brindisi, Italy

We arrived in Italy around lunchtime yesterday after a rather uneventful trip.  The internet wasn't working very well yesterday though.  We were all a bit tired, so we had an early night, and luckily were able to sleep with all the swell created from the ferries and tugs and fishing boats going past us.  Unfortunately we are not in a good spot... it seems like a temporary dock that is almost right on the street!  Last night I had visions that some young rebels might come along and tag the side of the boat or pull up our fenders so we crunched against the dock... it seems nothing like that happened though.  Rather just people trying to peer in the windows and taking lots of photos.

This is the view down the street.


This is the view across the water from us.

Arabella Chickie in Italy

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