28 December 2009

Sunday Stash #9

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Christmas break.

Today's fabrics are the Kei Honeycomb fabrics I purchased from Sew Deerly Loved on Etsy.  I love polka dots!!!

Arabella Chickie in Palma de Mallorca

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ChickieChirps said...

Hi Arabella Chickie,
I'm typing this from your mum's computer in very warm NZ! Your mum and dad are both looking extraordinarily well and happy and we're going to enjoy a yummy lamb barbi with them in a short little while.

Kitten is gorgeous! Both cats are sprawled out like the kings of the jungle :) their outdoor area is fantastic!!!

Keep well and we'll try to chat again soon. Thanks for keeping up the blog :)

It's so good to share your news.

Much love from all.

April Blackbird & Mama Tui