04 December 2009

PreggyChick update - 31 weeks 3 days and counting!

I got my first Christmas present from my yet to be born Chickadee today!

I went along to the sonographers this afternoon and 'bub' obligingly turned its sweet little face towards us so we now have some really good photos.  Isn't technology amazing? 

PreggyChick has promised to log in and post the 4D photo for my travelling nestlings to see. I know she's been promising to write a post, but has been very busy packing and organising things for the new house.  It's important to get it all done before she gets too big and it gets too hot!

Seeing that little face so clearly for the first time was such a special moment that it fair moved me to tears.  Little arms stretched up and bub's tiny hands pushed against each other in that well known 'all done and dusted' gesture. Of course, I think bub is beautiful!  Which clucky old hen wouldn't?  Bub was snuggled up tight to mum and seemed to be asleep, but definitely had hic-cups.

I do so love living in this day and age!  We are so privileged.  In so many ways!  I just had to share.
April Blackbird

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