24 November 2009

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells...

Here comes Christmas! 

I've bought a cherry stollen and some wonderful lebkuchen and a date and walnut pudding to take with to New Zealand, where we'll be having a family get together this year.

My husband will be meeting his littlest UK chickadee for the first time and we're looking really forward to playing with both our UK chickadees for the first time in ages.  What an amazing gift! 

It's going to be so good to catch up with all our extended family and our friends again.  We'll have to light candles for those that can't be with us. 

We're going to be Christening our littlest chickadee while we're there too.

Not long to go now... soon I shall begin to count the sleeps. 

Preggy Chick is now 29 weeks and looking wonderful (you did ask for a count down). 

Our Greek chickies won't be joining us for Christmas this year and our Sydney chickies will be staying here while we pop over to Auckland, but we'll celebrate together another time. Won't we?

April Blackbird

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