02 November 2009

Planet Cake and other yummy food blogs

I first heard of Planet Cake during the Masterfood Celebrity Chefs challenge. 

It wasn't until I looked them up on the internet that I realised what a wonderful service they offer!  Everything from designer cakes to icing classes!  They have a great blog too - see 'blogs we like' - and their blog lists other blogs that I have really enjoyed visiting too.

If you like to cook/bake then do yourself a favour and have a read, it's quite fascinating to see how many talented people are out there.

They've also listed some great 'bridal' type blogs.  Everything from rings to dresses... 

Now all we need are a few 'flower arranging' blogs and I'll be giving up magazines for good.

Oh.  You might have guessed.  I'm hungry.  Nearly 4pm and I haven't eaten lunch yet.  No wonder the 'foodie' sites/blogs are so interesting.

No, there is no cake in the house.  Just as well.

April Blackbird

PS  I forgot to tell you that you can buy 'ready made' cakes for icing from Planet Cake too.  In a variety of flavours.

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