23 November 2009

Summer in the city!

Well, it got to 40 on Sydney's Northern Beaches yesterday!  Fortunately, it only really began to affect us at about 10:30am.  It had been relatively cool until then and I'd begun to think the weather forecast was WRONG.  Huh!  When it got hot, it got very hot.  So we hunkered down in the 'dungeon' for the rest of the day. 

I sewed two privacy feeding covers for Preggy Chickie - they came out really well and I'm hoping to be able to take some photos of them to show you all.  I'm chuffed with them.  They're very different to anything you can buy in the shops. 

We watched some movies and generally conserved energy as the day got hotter and hotter.  Eventually dragged ourselves upstairs to our boiling hot bedroom and tried to sleep...  it was BAD.  The cool change eventually came through at about 12:45am and that's when we finally managed to get some rest. 

Apparently, it wasn't the hottest ever November day.  They once experienced 41 degs in November. 

We need an airconditioner! 

Oh.  Nearly forgot to tell you that the temperature dropped to 19 today.  Positively cold again. 

It's my eldest chickadees birthday today and I'd like to wish him a great day!  Have a piece of chocolate cake for us :)

April Blackbird

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