08 November 2009

Sunday Stash #2

I can't believe Sunday has come around again already!  Where has the week gone? 

Here are some fabrics I recently purchased from Above All Fabric... 

I have nothing in particular in mind for these fabrics... just collecting as I see things at the moment.  I have my eye on quite a few fabrics from the latest Quilt Show though... can't wait until they are all released!

More Sunday Stashers found here.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

Arabella Chickie in Greece


Nicole Follow the White Bunny said...

Lovely fabrics (and quite a lot too!). I especially like the paisley pink and aqua/lime fabrics!

midge said...

love them all. have the spots and the monkeys, so cool. love the snowboarders ( so would my mr 8-king of the mountain-champion snowboarder extroidinair

Anonymous said...

Right Arabella Chickie, you are the coops official fabricaholic. You now have even more fabric than I have! Which is saying something.

Look forward to seeing the creations you put together with them in the future.

April Blackbird