18 November 2009


Well, our UK chickadees are now safely ensconced in their new nest.  Their parents are absolutely exhausted, but Madame Cholet's little Dolphin Chick is ecstatic!  She can reach all the light switches and best of all, all her toys now live in her room.

Given that this is the chickadee that can be heard singing and talking to herself (albeit in her bed!) an hour (or more!) after 'lights out', I'm not quite sure how they're ever going to get her to go to sleep again.She has been very good about not getting out of bed though... except for one night when I went upstairs while I was visiting and found her lying on the bottom shelf of her change table.  Every nappy had been chucked out to make space and there was no way she was going back to the comfort of her little bed. It reminded me of the times I would 'camp' under my bed when I was little. 

The brilliant news is that their Skype connection seems to be so much better than it was before and their picture is that much clearer.  I reckon it was definitely worth moving for that! 

April Blackbird

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